A Good Life

A Good Life

He’s got it good! I wish I had her life! Wow, what a great life! We’ve all said and heard comments like these.

Have you ever wondered for yourself what makes your life good? And at what point do you know and can you say unequivocally that yep, you have a good life? Obviously, it’s different for everyone, but I think there are some common threads for all of us.

For me, a good life means:

  • Relationships and belonging: the being loved and loving yourself and others
  • Not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone to do something new or different
  • To never feel like you have defined yourself but to treat your life as a constant evolution of growth and being
  • To not sweat the common stuff like things you have no control over
  • Living with the understanding that every moment is precious
  • Living from a positive perspective rather than a negative one
  • Feeling gratitude daily
  • Not being afraid to reach out to help others
  • Not being afraid to ask for personal help when you need it
  • Listening to others, rather than talking at them.
  • Allowing others to be the way they are and loving them anyway
  • Allowing yourself some slack—in the perfect department
  • Not holding back anything. Life is to be lived fully.
  • Not allowing yourself to worry about what others think.
  • Realizing that some things just don’t go the way you figured and making them work anyway
  • Not taking everything so personally—sometimes it’s not about you.
  • Not being tempted to believing you are not OK because you don’t have certain attributes or material goods.
  • Having faith in yourself to make right what you’ve wronged.
  • Allowing mistakes to be learning opportunities.
  • Saying no, because you need to take care of yourself.
  • Not caving into guilt when something is not right for you
  • Being true to yourself.
  • Allowing laughter and understanding to penetrate your being.
  • Taking care and loving yourself, first and foremost.
  • Realizing that you are an ever-changing creation, never static, always dynamic.
  • Feeling self-pride and self-acceptance every single day, regardless of circumstances.

A good life is within your reach. Take a moment to appreciate and be thankful today.

Live your dreams,


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