Happiness Links

Happiness Links

We all go through tough times. Somehow the stars and planets don’t seem to be aligned in our favor. It’s a day like any other day, yet we feel different; we feel disenfranchised with our joy.

We begin to question everything and everyone else to solve our funk. We find nothing different. We cannot believe the change we now feel and wonder what has happened. Yesterday was so different. What can we do?

First, recognize that your feelings and emotions change from one day to the next. Subconsciously, you may be mulling things over; you may be feeling fear, uncertainty, or just exhaustion. Most of us continue to process, even when we are not consciously doing so. Time can change situations. Our state of mind can also depend upon health factors within our environment and within our bodies like nutrition, sleep, etc.

Everything we do provides a catalyst for something else. Time has a way to bring things to the surface of our conscious thoughts. Usually when we begin to feel differently, it’s not because someone else has changed; it’s because we are processing and changing through our thoughts.

During these “tougher” times, it’s important to re-center yourself. Get some fresh air, some exercise, slow down your pace, and say no to others and yes to time for you. Think about your feelings and your priorities. Focus on only the most important parts of your life and let the “fluff” go. Dig deep inside of yourself to find your missing links for happiness and joy. What is it that “you” need at this moment? How can “you” make this happen? Take your first step and feel relief that you have the ability to react, to redefine, and to come up swinging with a renewed sense of joy and self-purpose.

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