Learning to Love Myself

Learning to Love Myself

Learning to Love Myself is a life long journey for many of us. Everyday we face new barriers, challenges, and lessons in self-awareness. Our happiness is based on our ability to have faith, confidence and love for who we are and who we aren’t. Learning to Love Myself is the ultimate self-awareness quest of your lifetime.

What am I missing?

I minimize my feelings and stuff them down.

I am afraid to step in a new direction.

I have a love-hate affair with feeling stuck.

Most of my dreams are unfulfilled.

Once someone told me I couldn’t and I still believe them.

I am a people pleaser.

I think I am open, but I really am very closed in my thinking.

I jump to conclusions and always think I’m right.

I always come last.

I often feel guilty taking time for myself.

My life feels like a checklist of duties.

I often blame myself.

I often wish I was someone else.

I often feel like a victim.

I often have excuses.

I am my own worst enemy.

What can I do to turn myself around?

What can I do to learn to love myself?

Start treating yourself kindly and with respect.

Give yourself permission to say NO.

Give to yourself first.

Don’t minimize your needs and wants.

Accept yourself and others for who they are and aren’t.

Forgive, forget, accept, and move on.

Open your life to all possibilities with a fresh beginning.

Make a list of your strengths.

Make a list of things about yourself that you are most proud of.

Realize that most of your negative self-talk is a result of a learned belief system.

Replace negative self-talk with positives.

Write down a few positive affirmations and say them daily.

Take steps to make an important forgotten goal happen.

Look inside yourself and not at your personal possessions.

Accept yourself with love and respect.

Show compassion, not pity.

Realize you are not what you have done.

Allow your authentic self out.

Follow your heart and your instincts.

Ask for help.

Allow others to give to you.

Figure out what you love doing and do it.

Take care of yourself emotionally and spiritually.

Nurture your body with activity and proper nutrition.

Celebrate your specialness daily.

Face up to your fears and kick them in the butt.

Do what you like.

Limit your contact with people who are mean, toxic, or bully you.

Look for reasons to smile.

Refrain from complaining, judging others, and feeling sorry for yourself.

Erase guilt from your brain.

Embrace learning new ways, new things, and self-growth.

Find beauty within yourself.

Take time to meditate and keep a journal.

Accept that life has its share of uncertainties.

Live in appreciation of all that’s around and within you.

Be transparent. Let yourself out.

Honor yourself.

Avoid making real feelings with alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping…

Seek professional help, if needed.

Unleash your creativity. Get lost in passion.

Accept that you are worthy.

Accept that you are loveable.

Understand that you are not alone.

Commit to your happiness, not to your misery.

Look for reasons to laugh and smile.

Bring the fun back into your life.

Understand that the most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.

Live your dreams,


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