Now, It’s Your Turn

Now, It’s Your Turn

Now, It’s Your Turn

There comes a time in our lives when we know it’s time for us. We’ve paid our dues and given our love unselfishly. Our next adventure becomes taking our turn for the life of our dreams. It’s a scary, yet exciting time to step out and redefine the YOU inside… Now, it’s your turn to begin living your dreams…


You’ve put in your time, and then some.

You’ve held hands, heads, hearts, and nurtured.

Some say you are their angel with your big open heart.

You cared when it wasn’t popular to care.

Your compassion overflows.

You have a life of purpose, of passion, of making up your own rules.

You give yourself freely to others, out of love, beyond expectations.

You’ve broken through stereotypes and surpassed your wildest dreams.

Nothing is off-limits as you continue to define yourself, authentically, passionately, with purpose.

You are hopeful, appreciative, and live to connect.

Less is more. Simplicity rules.

Excitement and vigor keep you growing and building your life, your joy and your best.

Your life is making memories and having experiences.

You don’t want to miss anything.

You live to show your personal style and your personal expression.

Now, It’s Your Turn to take what you want, what you need.

For you are in your prime, a time of rebirth.

A time to live out all your hopes, dreams, wishes, and untapped desires.

Permission granted to take risks, and bet on yourself.

Now, It’s Your Turn to live and laugh, to feel sexy, to go all the way out of the park, and define an age.

Now, It’s Your Turn to take your happiness with unbridled joy, to celebrate imperfections, to applaud strength, and to keep on keepin’ on.

Now, It’s Your Turn to focus on you, to turn off the guilt, the duty, and grab your life by its bottom.


Now, It’s Your Turn to go head first into your life, to be you.

Live your dreams,


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Yearning to get to clear on your dreams and put together a real plan to go after them? Let Life Coach, Susan Spira get your journey started to take your turn and start living the life you've always wanted. Download Susan’s FREE Jumpstart! Your Life Kit™ And Start Learning How!

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