Over 50 Anti-Aging Tips

Over 50 Anti-Aging Tips

Over 50 Anti-Aging Tips

One of my pet-peeves is to watch skincare ads for “wrinkle” creams in which 18-20 something year old models are featured. Do advertisers really think women over 50 are really that gullible? With a U.S. market for anti-aging products expected to push more than $114 billion by 2015, women over 50 are a ripe market to tap with ample dollars to spend on promises, hopes, and dreams.

We, women over 50 don’t appreciate being underestimated.

We are intelligent smart consumers. We understand that aging is a process; it’s not a fault or something for which there is a cure. The notion that aging is something to “fight” almost like a cancer is certainly misleading. Even the phrase, “anti-aging” is actually the oxymoron of our times.  Really? Don’t we want to simply have products and routines that help us age as gracefully as possible?

We know our skin and body changes. We know it’s rare to look the same at over 50 as we did at 20. Many of us actually like how we look and don’t want to look and feel 20 again. We have long passed that moment that we want to be forever young; we want to be forever vibrant, forever proud, with a little forever hot thrown in! We still have that stirring of our roots in free love; give peace a chance, and the personal freedoms and breakthroughs as purveyors of change.

We are proud of our lives and that means proud of the over 50 bodies we nurture, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to take advantage of any new technological advances that just may help us to look the best we can. You see, we don’t feel dried up and use-less, we feel vibrant, alive and love the thought of any boost or change we can do to ourselves. Just like the “younger” gals we follow fashion; we follow trends; and we are not sitting on our front-porches in rockers. Instead, we are finding new ways to rock out our lives and enhance our experiences.

The buying power of our boomer population has brought about a new market of products, many of which are excellent. As with anything buyer beware. Do your homework and hear what others are saying. Many of these products will produce the well-lived life look and vibrancy promised. If you’re in the market for some general tips, here are tips for a healthy look at all ages:

Tips for a Healthy Look at All Ages

1. Get plenty of sleep.

2. Cool it with too much stress.

3. Good nutrition and proper hydration.

4. Daily movement to stay flexible and keep your functional fitness level strong.

5. Relaxation and fun.

6. Don’t stay stuck in an era; keep up with the times: hairstyles, cosmetics, clothing, technology, etc.

7. No smoking and watch alcohol consumption.

8. Keep moisturized.

9. Protect your skin from the sun.

10. Enjoy your life and live with personal confidence—a radiant glow starts from within!

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