There it is glaring at you. You didn’t ask for it. But it is there looking you directly in the face. You see that glimpse that you rarely get; the glimpse that maybe others see all the time; you see you. What do you do? Turn away quickly or stop to savor the sight? If you savor, does it bring you peace? Pride? Sadness? Happiness? Understanding? Do you think to yourself, now there’s someone that’s got it going on, is comfortable in their own skin? Or do you see flaws? This could be better, that could be firmer, this could be smaller, and these should be bigger? When did I get so unreal or so not me?

We put so many pressures on ourselves to fulfill society’s balance and definition, so much so, that we rarely can truly see and appreciate who we are inside. We spend a lot of our time with our outside packaging, making it correct, perfect, and pleasing to others that we forget to please ourselves. We are overly worried that others will see our human flaws if our arms giggle, our chin doubles, or we don’t have current styling.

The only true human flaw within our reflection is to not love and believe in ourselves. If you are a creature of approval and fitting in, the next time you see your reflection, take a deep look in and think about how you feel. Don’t just look at, look into yourself. Push away any negative thoughts and feelings. What are you proud of? What have you made of your life? How well do you care and treat yourself? Be proud of yourself. After all, you are your finest work of art. Take care of you and feel wonderful doing so. Let your reflection, reflect self-love and acceptance.

Live your dreams,


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