Relationship Reality

Relationship Reality

Relationship Reality

1. You wake up and wonder who really that is next to you.

2. You enjoy having separate but equal everything.

3. After 5 years the same jokes get old.

4. It’s no longer about winning or losing; it’s about agreeing to respectfully disagree.

5. Your dog always loves your partner more.

6. The line, “I told you so” changes to “What have I been telling you for 10 years?”

7. An early bird anything becomes acceptable.

8. Making sure your partner doesn’t bite down on unpopped popcorn kernels becomes a quest to save on dental care.

9. Your partner’s body functions and noises lose their cute factor.

10. Your partner becomes a fallible person just like you.

11. Anything anal refers to bathroom practices.

12. Every important happy memory of your life is somehow tied in with your partner. You don’t remember hooking up but you are hooked.

13. Relationship reality sets in and you love your partner even more, regardless of the before mentioned items #1-12.

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